We drive for digital transformation in this ever-changing digital landscape.
None can deny the major upheavals that India is experiencing, especially when we talk of the business and finance landscape. With the government’s vision to make the economy self-reliant and cashless, there is digital penetration in every field of our transactions.
Be it grocery, retail or even payment to financial institutions, can we deny the ubiquity of the digital payment platforms?
Our innovation drives empowerment
Built in the year 2021, Time Pay is pledged to make you more powerful for your digitally savvy consumers. Today, as the majority of millennials or even the baby-boomer generations adopting online transaction models, we have specifically designed affordable frameworks for managing operations (Purchase, sale, inventory), payments and collection, digital presence and customer management.
We are here to make you BIG!
Whatever, be your scale of operations, with us you aspire to make it 4 times bigger and stronger. We have multiple solutions focussed for different needs for the Merchants of today. Our portfolio includes large, mid-sized and even micro-set ups.